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"Closest you're going to get without going to Jamaica! 10/10 and Aussie owned."

Delicious flavours at home with none of them time, prep or hassle

I want easy dinners!

Jammin' JeRk

Open. Smother. Cook.

  • Lower in salt than all competing brands

  • No preservatives or filler ingredients

  • 100% Vegan, Egg & Dairy Free + Coeliac Australia Certified!

  • Award-winning products

What is jerk?

Native to Jamaica, Jerk is a spicy, smoky marinade that packs a punch!

Traditionally applied to chicken, pork, lobster, or prawn, modern recipes also apply Jerk to beef, lamb, fish, seafood, tofu, vegetables, kangaroo, and more!

Grab a jar!